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Incredible photo shows world's first Siamese Dog: A Samoyed - Siamese Cat cross

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© Bogdan Sonjachnyj - Shutterstock

An incredible birth which will go down in history to be sure! Proof that nothing is impossible - but you have to see it to believe it!

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 01/04/2021, 09:30

Nature will never cease to surprise us! This incredible story is proof of that.

Lirpa Loof and Elirpad Loof are an Anglo-Turkish couple living in Wicklow, Ireland. Usually, they lead a calm and quiet life in their little countryside town with their two children, their Samoyed, and their three Siamese cats.

Dog falls pregnant

But their worlds changed forever when the couple's 3-year-old Samoyed, April, fell pregnant. The family was excited to hear that they would soon have puppies running around in their home, but they were also very surprised.

After all, when had this happened? They had no other dog in the home and their garden was well-fenced. While April certainly met other dogs during walkies, her pawrents always kept a close eye on her. How she had gotten pregnant was a real mystery.

A birth which leaves everyone speechless

As the months went by, the Loof family prepared for April's big day, which finally came at the beginning of February 2021. Her parents decided to stay near her just in case she needed support or a helping hand. They had read all the tips about helping a dog to give birth - but they definitely weren't prepared for what happened next.

Indeed, the first puppy that came out was very small and had a dark mask on its face. If Lirpa didn't know any better, she would've said that the newborn looked a lot like a kitten. But of course, the couple had been up for hours and were very tired - it was probably just the fatigue playing tricks on them.

But the second baby, who came just 30 minutes later, looked exactly the same. At dawn, the worried couple contacted a vet who came immediately. While April was doing splendidly, he confirmed, in awe, that the puppies were not puppies at all. They were kitten - puppy hybrids! It would seem that April and one of her cat siblings got a little too close, leading to the birth of the extraordinary offspring!

Not an isolated case

While these cases are very rare, they do sometimes occur. A few years ago, an American Shorthair in the UK gave birth to a kitten - puppy hybrid. Let this be a lesson to all - neuter your pets!

Despite the weirdness of it all, the Loof family is very happy with their new little family members. They decided to keep both kitties/pupptens and even created an Instagram account for them where thousands of fans around the world are already following their incredible adventures.

Did you believe this unbelievable story? Then you have fallen for our April Fool's Day joke!