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Heartbreaking: Disabled Bulldog is let down on way to forever home

bulldog resting on black sofa dog-sad
© Peaches Bully Rescue - Facebook

An adorable Bulldog has been heartlessly let down by his new “forever family” after getting dressed up and driving 40 miles to meet them.

By Natasha James

Published on the 11/03/2021, 21:00

Jack the American Bulldog is no ordinary pup. The little guy suffers from Spina Bifida, meaning he can only walk a few steps at a time and will have to wear nappies forever.

But, despite his condition, the little pup is loving, playful and an all-round good boy.

The silent treatment

This makes the cruel “ghosting” of him even more mean.  

Little Jack had a bath, got spruced up and even donned an adorable frog outfit to meet his new family but following a 40-minute drive, there was a rude awakening as he arrived at the designated meeting point.

Lights are on but nobody's home

When Jack arrived (along with workers from the Peaches Bully Rescue), there was no one there to meet him. Shelter workers called and messaged the new owners repeatedly but were ignored every time. It’s unsure whether they got cold feet or never had the intention of adopting the pup in the first place.

On the way back to the shelter, the rescuers and little Jack were all in a very somber mood.

A social effort

BUT, the beauty of social media is alive and kicking and as shelter workers shared the sad story to their Facebook page, the post went viral.

Since posting, 200 people have already offered to provide the loving forever home that Jack deserves. Will there possibly be a happy ending after all? We’re keeping our fingers crossed!

Good luck little guy!