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Stray dog leads couple to sign on a closed door: They can't hold back their tears

Montage of Mr Videla following lost dog through streets to dog's 'home' dog-serious © Stephen Messenger – YouTube

Two men recently rescued a dog not from a shelter but from the front door of its home. The saying “when one door closes another opens” would appear apt in Bruno’s case.

By Nick Whittle

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Lujan Videla and his partner were strolling through their local neighbourhood last month when they spotted a dog looking worse for wear. The mongrel appeared not to know where it was, and lacked the savvy seen of dogs used to walking the streets.

Intrigued by the dog’s behaviour the couple followed it. Mr Videla was soon relieved to see the wanderer heading for a block of flats in which, he assumed, the dog lived.

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If your name’s not down…

However, as Videla and his boyfriend approached the door their relief turned to sadness, for on the front door was a handwritten note which said, “Do not let the dog in”.

Why someone would want to prevent such a loyal home-bird from entering was a mystery. Videla could only imagine the dog’s owner was either dead or dead cruel, and he now understood why it had seemed so lost.

Wasting no time Videla decided to care for the dog and to foster it; to give it another chance at life and, hopefully, to find it a forever home.

Happiness comes to those who wait

Videla named the dog Bruno. Since discovering the homeless waif, Videla has been ceaseless in his efforts to find reason for Bruno’s being barred from the flats, but - drawing a blank - he has finally decided to accept defeat.

Bruno is now happily entrenched in his new forever home, which just so happens to be not far from his saviour’s house.

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