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Cat owner's hilarious video shows what happens when floor heating is turned on

A gang of cats 'glued' themselves to a kitchen floor when they figured out it had an underfloor heating system! Luckily for us, their owner caught this cute moment on camera.

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 30/10/2020, 18:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:24

We all know cats have got a special gift for finding the snuggest spot in the house. But that mission became easier than ever for this family of cats after their owner installed underfloor heating in the kitchen.

A short clip shared on Reddit shows the furry family stretched out on the warm floor, and they're clearly loving it! Some are lying on their backs to soak up the coziness, while others prefer feeling the heat on their tiny bellies.

We're not going anywhere

And from the content looks on their faces, it seems as if they're ready to lie there forever - or at least until mum or dad turns the heating off.

The video received over 140k upvotes, as well as thousands of gushing comments. In fact, it looks like the clip warmed cat lovers' hearts almost as much as it warmed the kitties' tummies.

"They are adorable," posted one viewer. "Looks like someone spilled a bag of kittens."

 "This video is what I needed today...I mean this week...I mean this year ...I just needed this video," wrote another.

An expensive (but very cute) winter

We're just worried about the owner's heating bill. Because after seeing this bundle of cuteness, there's a good chance they'll keep that underfloor heating on all through winter. We certainly would, and it'd be worth every penny!