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Man walks past his husky wearing a disguise, the dog's reaction is incredible

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We know that dogs have an incredible sense of smell, but one dog owner wanted to see just how good his Husky's sense of smell was with a little experiment.

Dogs have a remarkable sense of smell. After all, that's why the police and military use them. Even just an average family dog has a sense of smell that's far greater than ours. 

But what about a dog's scent memory? Will a dog be able to recognise its owner just by their smell? A Husky owner decided to find out.

Sniff test

The man decided that the best way to see whether his dog would be able to recognise him solely by his smell was to be in disguise. So the man dressed up as an elderly man, complete with an old man facemask.

In a clip shared on Instagram, you can see a woman walking the Husky on a lead. The dog's owner, dressed as an old man, walks towards the dog, who at first glimpse takes a passing interest in the man, just as any alert dog would.

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Owner smell

However, it's as the man passes the dog that the pup becomes alerted to the man's familiar smell and is noticeably confused. As the man walks on, the dog watches him, unsure what to do. Then suddenly the dog seems to click that it's his owner and runs after the man, almost pulling the woman over who was holding his lead!

Would your dog pass the owner smell test?

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