Owner lets dog play in freshly cut grass: She instantly regrets it

White dog rolling in grass dog-happy
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A doctored Reddit image of a white dog covered in grass has gone viral on Twitter. But the dog is not just carrying a few blades of green! Read on to discover what all the fuss is about. 

By Nick Whittle

Published on the 01/07/2021, 06:30

A year ago a Reddit user posted a picture of a white dog turned green. The picture was edited to make the dog appear greener, but nevertheless the outcome is hilarious. Clearly this dog had enjoyed some serious grass rolling. 

This weekend someone on Twitter decided to resurrect the green dog, and the tweet has since become a hit, with over 100,000 likes (and counting). 


The ‘borrowing’ of the picture from Reddit has not gone unnoticed by users though. 

The few who believe the dog really is as green as it seems have likened it to Oscar the Grouch and The Grinch. 

Why do dogs turn green? 

Dogs can pick up a large amount of chlorophyll dye if they roll in grass, but none will be covered from head to toe. 

Dirty dogs often hit the news for one reason or another. In March of this year, Onni, a Finnish Samoyed made the news after his beautiful white coat was turned black by his antics.

Behavioural instinct

But why do dogs like to roll around in mud and grass? Is it something in the genes? There are several theories about this behaviour. The leading hypothesis concerns the dog’s attempt to mask its own smell by finding an especially nasty bit of ground to roll in.

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In the case of the white dog from Reddit, he clearly had a great time and got himself as filthy as can be.