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Hilarious pup gets messy but always keeps his face clean

Hilarious pup gets messy but always keeps his face clean dog-happy
© onnisamoyed - Instagram

If you have a pup who loves to get messy then you’ll understand these dog owners' woes all too well. Miraculously though, this pup NEVER gets his face dirty.

By Natasha James

Published on the 29/04/2020, 21:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:29

Cleaning your pup can feel like a never-ending battle. If they love to jump in puddles, roll in grass and generally make a complete mess of themselves, then you probably already have a towel handy every time you visit the park.

This funny pup though has taken messy play to a whole new level.

A mucky pup

Lotta and Miiro live in Helsinki in Finland and are the proud owners of a beautiful five-month-old Samoyed pup. The gorgeous pooch has long pure white fur, until, that is, he goes out to play...

It seems that little Onni just loves to get messy, with one exception, his face!

Onni manages to jump into streams, dive into mud puddles and generally cover himself in lots of lovely dirt but always keeps his nose clean.

The gorgeous pup has his own Instagram account which shows this isn't a one-off occurrence but happens every time he gets messy.

"Don't touch the face"

It seems that the hair is shorter on his face so the mud tends to fall off but sticks to his body, resulting in some hilarious photos!

Little Onni's owners claim he’s not too difficult to clean and if they wait for the mud to dry and then brush it off, he's back to his usual white in no time.

We just hope they don't have cream carpets or white furniture!