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How to speak to a vet online for free

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Ask a vet a question online for free using promo code WAMIZ20 on MyFamilyVets.co.uk

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Follow these steps to arrange a free vet consultation online for your pet using the promo code of WAMIZ20 at MyFamilyVets.

By Emilie Heyl

Published on the 16/10/2020, 07:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:24

Speaking to a vet online is quick and easy. Using your computer, phone or tablet, you can talk to a qualified professional face-to-face without leaving your home – which is useful during the Covid pandemic. The consultation can be a great starting point for finding out what’s wrong with your pet and whether a trip to the vet is needed.

Book a free online vet consultation here. Enter promo code WAMIZ20

First of all you need to head to MyFamilyVets.co.uk. It’s on this initial page where you’ll book an appointment, by choosing the date and the time of day. Having made these choices, a selection of vets’ names will appear, with information about when they’re available and a button to click on to go ahead with your booking.

Once you’ve clicked on “Book now”, a window will pop up pointing out you what you’ll need to have for the appointment (such as your computer with a camera and microphone enabled, and to make sure that your pet is present during the session).

It also makes it clear that if you think your pet’s problem is an emergency, you should head straight to a vet practice with your pet and not use this service.

Click on “Get Started” at the bottom of this window and you'll be taken to a second page that, as well as asking you to fill in personal details about you and your pet, asks “Do you have a promo code?” By typing in the promo code WAMIZ20, your consultation will be free – online consultations typically cost around £24 and last for 15 minutes.

Clicking on “Continue” takes you to a third and final page where you’’ll confirm the booking. When your booking has been made, you’ll receive a booking confirmation email and a link. You’ll need to use this link at your appointment’s date and time to begin your face-to face consultation with the vet.

Video chat with a vet for free here. Use promo code WAMIZ20