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Family on boat trip see something in the water and start screaming

brown dog panting on boat dog-wow
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A family's relaxing boating trip across Lake Michigan turned into a dramatic rescue mission after they spotted a pooch treading water almost four miles off the shore!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 02/09/2020, 10:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:25

The Wilcox family was boating from Grand Haven to Frankfort in Michigan, USA, earlier this month. It was quiet, peaceful, and the sun was shining - perfect boating conditions.

Dog in the water!

But as the Wilcox family drifted across Lake Michigan, things took a dramatic turn. It all started when momma Wilcox, Jeannie, spotted something unusual floating in the lake. On closer inspection she realised it was a pup - and it looked in serious trouble.

"I just started screaming dog in the water," said Jeannie in an interview with local news.

So the family changed course and managed to pull the pooch onboard. They then made the four-mile trip back to shore and contacted a local vet.

Here's why microchipping your pet dog is so important!

The dog seemed a little shook up by the experience but was otherwise uninjured. Vets found a microchip and managed to reunite the dog with his very grateful owners.

Despite being bonafide heroes, Jeannie and the rest of the Wilcox family shrugged off the praise. They're just glad the dog is back where he belongs.

A question with no answer

"I just hope that if this was my dog, somebody would do the same," said Jeannie.

But how did this pup end up in the middle of the lake, four miles from shore? Well, nobody knows! But he's safe now. And, in the end, that's the most important part of this strange story!

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