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Stylish Golden Retriever still has the tiny mohawk he was born with

golden retriever with tuft of fur on top of head dog-happy
© stanleythegoldenfluff - Instagram

Forget trips to the groomers, this sophisticated pup is putting other doggos to shame with the inimitable hairstyle that he’s been rocking since puppyhood!

By Natasha James

Published on the 29/08/2020, 19:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:25

Like all dogs, Stanley the Golden Retriever was clearly adorable from birth but at around three weeks old he developed something that made him quite unique...

Overnight style

Seemingly overnight, the little pup grew the tiniest of mohawks. The spiky blonde fur stuck out from the top of his head and looked as if he'd just paid a visit to an edgy barber shop. What's more, the spike never seemed to flatten despite regular noggin pats.

When forever owner Megan Callahan came to collect him to take him to his forever home at two-months-old, it seemed as though his distinctive spike was flattening. Already loving Stanley just the way he was, she simply assumed that this cute little addition was something he’d grow out.

Return of the spike

But, then one day, out of nowhere, it came back with a vengeance!


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Now, big and grown, Stanley has a very noticeable spike that people can’t believe is natural. Owner Megan is regularly asked if she styles his hair but the distinctive fur-style is all down to Stanley.

As if to prove his point, Stanley loves swimming and will happily spend all day in the water when he can. And his mohawk? With him for every splish and every splash.

A social star in the making

Unsurprisingly for a dog of such style, Stanley has his very own Instagram account where his owners regularly post content of him and his tiny mohawk.

We love the hair cut Stanley and think it makes you look very distinguished!


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