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Adorable German Shepherd puppy always does exactly what his big brother does

Enzo and Lilo are two German Shepherd dogs living in Sweden with their dog mum. Despite their undisputable beauty, it’s their wonderful relationship that has made them famous.

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 03/08/2020, 12:00

If you’ve ever had a younger sibling, then you know how the cookie crumbles. They follow you around everywhere, ‘borrow’ your things constantly, and are always trying to copy whatever you do.


And that’s exactly what Enzo and Lilo’s relationship is like! Ever since puppy Lilo has joined her new family, she has become Enzo’s shadow. 


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If he’s playing with a stick, she’ll start playing with that stick too. If he’s drinking from a bowl, then she’ll start drinking from that bowl too. If he’s running somewhere, you can bet she’ll be hot on his heels. If he's having a tranquil nap, she is too, right beside him.


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Best big brother

But despite constantly being around her older brother with her tireless energy, Enzo is an extremely patient dog. He lets her follow her around like, well, a puppy, but also teaches her how to be a good dog. When she’s gone too far in her antics, he makes sure to let her know. He’s also a great babysitter: the two often playfight together, despite Enzo being at least 4 times her size!


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We know these two will be thick as thieves, even when Lilo reaches her adult years!