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This Golden Retriever looks nothing like others of his breed due to cell mutation

By Justine Seraphin Country Manager

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Enzo Viola lives in Austin, Texas with his paw-rents. And though Goldens are one of the most popular breeds in the world, there’s something about Enzo that makes him one of a kind.

Golden Retrievers are nicknamed "Goldens" for a reason. They come in only one colour: Gold! Different shades of gold, sure, but gold for the most part! 

But not Enzo. Indeed, Enzo has a large patch of black fur on the left side of his face. His mum calls it a ‘freckle’.

Rare and extraordinary

This black patch is actually caused by a somatic mutation in the cells. Despite Enzo’s parents being completely cream-coloured, Enzo was born like this! But it doesn’t cause him any discomfort, it just makes him extra special.

Other than that, Enzo is a pretty normal pooch. He loves to nap on the couch, steal socks, kiss his humans and take long walks in the great outdoors.

A social media star

Unsurprisingly, Enzo has become quite a star around the world due to his unique features. So far, he has 180K followers on Instagram, and that number is constantly growing! Being so beautiful, both inside and out, we must say we’re not surprised.

In fact, this four-year old has totally stolen our hearts too! Keep glowing Enzo, you’re absolutely gorgeous!

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