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Pitbull frantically scratches at door to alert owner of neighbour’s fall

When a pitbull starts barking and scratching madly at the back door late one evening, her owners were shocked to discover just what was making her behave this way.

By Zoë Monk , 22 Jun 2020

Bella, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix, is one of four dogs that share the home of David Baye in the US. It’s not unusual for Bella to bark during the night. If she hears a sound outside, Bella would jump up and bark before returning to her bed.


Bella’s not ready for Monday!

Posted by David Baye on Monday, June 1, 2020

But this particular evening, Bella started taking an interest in the back door. Instead of doing her usual barking and then going back to bed, she remained stubbornly by the door. As this was unusual for Bella, David decided to investigate. As he got closer, Bella started frantically clawing and scratching at the door.

David couldn’t work out what had upset his dog. But when he looked outside, he was shocked to see his elderly neighbour lying on the ground. David immediately got dressed and went outside to help the poor lady.


Fortunately, despite being outside for a while, David’s neighbour was fine and didn’t need medical treatment. However, as David and his fiancé wouldn’t have been going out until the next morning, the lady may never have been found if Bella hadn’t alerted them.


Tell me she doesn’t have the prettiest eyes ever!

Posted by David Baye on Saturday, November 23, 2019

David proudly shared Bella’s heroics online which got a lot of love from fellow dog lovers, amassing over 78,000 shares in just a few days.

Well done Bella!