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Dog found tied up with suitcase at station, what they find inside breaks hearts

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A dog left stranded on a railway platform, its worldly belongings in a suitcase, is fighting fit, thanks to the work of volunteers and (of course) a brand new owner.

Kai can be regarded as a lucky dog today, but his earlier life was not easy, especially when his owner decided to sell him.

Callously abandoned

In fact, Kai's owner was so keen to sell the dog that he went so far as duping an interested buyer into meeting him and Kai at Ayr railway station. But before the buyer could make their decision, the unscrupulous owner speeded off never to be seen again.

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His doing so left the prospective buyer, Fin Rayner, stranded. Unable to take Kai home, Ms Rayner left the dog alone at the station with just his suitcase for company.

When the suitcase was opened, to everyone's heartbreak, it contained Kai's favourite toy, bowl and pillow.

The Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals took Kai in and soon advertised him for adoption. Pictures of the abandoned Shar-pei cross flooded the internet, sparking interest from around the world.

Winning the lottery

One of the people interested in adopting Kai was Ian Russell, an engineer from Glasgow. On his first visit to Kai, it was love at first sight. Mr Russell, who had lost his own dog to illness just before Christmas that year, was smitten with Kai, and decided to adopt.

The man was so happy he said he felt like he had won the lottery.

Mr Russell revealed how people still recognise Kai from the pictures of his lonely vigil on the platform at Ayr station, and how some have nicknamed him "Paddington Ayr”.

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