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Retriever starts digging in the snow: What he uncovers leaves owner speechless

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When a family from Siberia decided to adopt an abandoned Golden Retriever, they could never have predicted that their new rescue pup would go on to save a life.

By Zoë Monk

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Charlick, a 10-year-old beautiful Golden Retriever was found by rescuers on the streets of Siberia in Russia. The poor pup had been forced to endure a terrible start in life.

Instead of being looked after as a pet, Charlick was simply used as a breeding dog. He was horrendously treated by his owners and once they had finished with him, they just kicked him out onto the street.

Love at first sight

A rescue shelter took Charlick in and looked after him while they found him a loving home. And just as it seemed that the dog would never find an adopter, a woman called Svetlana spotted his photo.

That was enough for Svetlana to fall in love with Charlick.

Svetlana and her family decided to adopt Charlick and give him the loving home that he deserved and had sadly never had.

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But this isn't where Charlick's story ends.

Rescued to rescuer

Just like any other normal day, Svetlana’s son took Charlick and the family's other dog out for a walk. But this turned out to be the day that Charlick became the rescuer.

During the walk, the two dogs started to frantically dig in the snow. It was clear that Charlick had found something that he was desperate to dig out.

As Svetlana's son got closer, he couldn't quite believe what he saw.

Shocking discovery

The dog's frantic digging had uncovered a desperate little shivering puppy buried in the snow. After more digging to free the poor pup, she was quickly taken back to Svetlana's home to warm up. This is Siberia after all, and temperatures can be extremely cold.

Despite her ordeal, the little black curly-haired puppy made a good recovery. But if she had been left in the snow any longer, there's no doubt that she wouldn't have survived.

The little dog's rescuers have really taken to their new canine companion. The family have therefore decided that if they can't find her owners, they will adopt the pup themselves.

Well done Charlick.

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