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Dog protects beloved cat sibling from other dog, leaving millions in awe (video)

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A heartwarming video capturing a dog's apparent protective instinct towards its feline sibling has taken TikTok by storm. 

The clip has been viewed a whopping 2.1 million times since it was first uploaded.

Protective pup

In the footage, a dog and a cat are lounging on a sofa near a gated window. Another dog outside playfully presses against the glass, prompting an immediate response from the dog inside, who lets out a series of barks.

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The cat, momentarily startled by the sudden commotion, leans back before the clip ends.

Accompanying the post is a caption affirming the bond between the dog and the cat, stating, "That's her cat fr [for real]."

This display of affection isn't entirely unexpected, as research suggests that despite stereotypes of cats and dogs being mortal enemies, many share harmonious relationships when living together.

Sibling harmony

While dogs and cats may "speak" a different language, it's common for them to play and sleep together fairly harmoniously, suggesting a mutual understanding.

TikTok users have been quick to express their adoration for the heartwarming moment captured in the viral video. Most of the comments praised the dog's protective nature and the cat's adorable reaction.

Here's the adorable clip:

"That's a good dogooo," said one viewer, suggesting the dog must have said, "I don't play about my family."

"She knows she's safe, omg," said another, while another noted, "Omg, the cat's reaction is priceless."

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