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Man turns up to reclaim his dog and shelter staff abandon their protocol

By Greta Inglis Dog Behaviourist | Animal Behaviourist

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When a man turned up at the Animal Care Centre of NYC to claim American Bully Jose, shelter staff quickly worked out what was going on.

When a 60kg American Bully was found alone in the Bronx, he was taken into the the Animal Care Centre of NYC. 

Staff and volunteers quickly fell in love with the gentle giant, deciding to name him Jose. 

The search for his family

Loveable Jose had clearly experienced the care of a family, so they felt certain that someone must be looking for him. 

They shared his story on TikTok, hoping he might reach the right person. 

Thankfully, they received a message from a man named Mecca, who had been desperately searching for his beloved four-legged friend. Fearing he had been stolen, Mecca was overjoyed when he saw the post on social media. 

A surprising reunion

He made plans to visit the shelter the next morning, where shelter staff would check for proof that Jose did in fact belong to him. 

But on arrival, they quickly decided to abandon their usual protocol. 

As soon as he saw his human dad, Jose - who is actually named Mecca Jr. - jumped straight up to give him a hug. The sweet-natured boy just couldn't contain his excitement at the reunion, and there was no doubt that the two were family. 

Seeing Mecca Jr.'s instant recognition of the man, shelter staff knew that the reunion protocol they usually follow would be a mere formality. The inseparable pair went off happily, overjoyed to together once again.              

@nycacc We are so excited to share the reunification story of Mecca (@only1kingmecca) and Mecca Jr. It is wonderful to possess social media as a tool to help owners find their beloved fur companions when they are lost. Thank you @tiktok for helping a father find his lost fur son! Visit to browse hundreds of adorable NYC adoptables. Photos by @tischmanpets #nyc #nycacc #boroughbred #lostdogfound #happytail #hopecore #nycdogs #nationaladoptashelterpetday #adoptashelterpetday #adoptashelterpet ♬ The Kite Live by Luisa Marion - Luisa Marion
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