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Woman takes her dog to be euthanised: A year later, she sees him up for adoption

By Greta Inglis Dog Behaviourist | Animal Behaviourist

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When Kristie made the decision to euthanise her dog Beau, she thought it was goodbye forever. Then, to her surprise, she found him up for adoption a year later.

Kristie Pereira adopted Beau in 2022, when he was 2-months-old. 

The pair spent lots of time together, but it soon became evident that something was wrong with the puppy. 

Difficult decisions

At first, the vet suspected there may have been a problem with Beau's liver, but after tests and treatment, his condition worsened. 

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Unable to control his back legs properly, further visits with multiple vets pointed to the possibility of neurological problems. But with the necessary tests costing 12,000 dollars and no guarantee of recovery, Pereira was faced with a difficult decision. 

After much deliberation and a conversation with his original rescue, the hound mix was taken to Montgomery County Animal Services. Once there, Katie said her goodbyes and left Beau to be euthanised. 

An unexpected turn of events

A year later, visiting her mother in Maryland, Katie decided to take a look at dogs in rescue online. She couldn't believe her eyes when a brown and white face jumped out at her. He may have been bigger, but it was definitely Beau, still very much alive and up for adoption. 

She immediately contacted the Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation, who confirmed that Beau had in fact not been euthanised by animal services, but returned to their care. 

Finding no neurological problems, the rescue had instead spent 7,000 dollars treating the dog for a liver problem. He had been re-named Amos Hart, which was his original name when he first arrived with them. 

In a statement released recently, the rescue explained that while they appreciate that "pet medical decisions are emotionally charged and involve delicate financial deliberations", they "do not re-home pets with previous owners who surrendered them for euthanasia". 

Amos Hart is currently still up for adoption with Lost Dog and Cat Rescue

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