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Grandfather reluctantly keeps dog; granddaughter finds heartwarming note (video)

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A grandfather who insisted he didn't want a dog has delighted everyone with the unexpectedly meticulous schedule he created for his daughter's Shih Tzu, Maple. 

Despite his initial resistance, Grandpa has clearly fallen for Maple, as revealed by a TikTok video that shows their daily routine.

Detailed Shih Tzu schedule

The video shows a detailed timetable filled with walks, meals, and TV time. It starts with an early morning walk and a carrot at 8:15 a.m. The day includes breakfast, snacks, and several walks, culminating in a bedtime snack at 8:45 p.m. before bed at 9 p.m.

The schedule is proof of Grandpa's affection for the little Shih Tzu, with activities like "Walk / Carrot" and "Bread" highlighting his dedication to her needs.

The caption humorously asks, "Can you tell Grandpa loves his time with Maple?" Indeed, the dog's pampered routine indicates she enjoys her visits. Maple's owner confirmed in the comments that these visits are her "special time."

Pampered pooch

Grandparents often spoil their grandkids, and Maple is no exception. This TikTok video has garnered over 318,700 views, 18,700 likes, and 239 comments, with viewers charmed by the dog's luxurious day. Comments ranged from admiration for Maple's schedule to envying her well-rounded meals.

One user remarked, "Scheduled bread is so real," while another joked, "I need Maple's life." A third added, "This dog got the most well-rounded/balanced meals I've ever seen. She ain't gonna wanna go home."

With all that spoiling, we certainly think Maple is one lucky pup!

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