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Owner teaches his dog to close crate; what happens next is hilarious (video)

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A man teaches his dog how to close the crate door, but it leads to a rather unexpected (and hilarious) outcome.

The Labrador, called Ruby, watches her owner closely as he demonstrates how to shut and even lock the door of the pup's crate, all under the watchful eye of the family's cat.

Clever canine

After a short while, the dog can be seen picking up a cat wand toy in her mouth and placing it inside the dog crate. She then walks away.

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The cat goes inside the crate to retrieve its toy (and have a brief wash). Then the Labrador reappears, just like its owner taught her, pushing the crate door closed and securing the latch.

Now locked in the crate, the cat is visibly stunned at what's just happened.

The hilarious clip was shared on Ruby's Instagram page, which is run by her owners, Katelyn and Ted. The video captioned "Live Action Looney Tunes' has attracted more than 31.8 million views since it was posted and has sparked many amusing reactions.

Dog 1 Cat 0

One user joked, "Cats standing there like 'Did I really just let that happen? Did I really just get duped by the DOG?'" Another commented on the unexpected role reversal, saying, "I have never seen a cat outsmarted by a dog before."

Speculation arose about the extent of the dog's training, with one user suggesting, "I think he did a lot more training off camera." Another joked, "Both were in the same class, but only one learned."

But amid all the laughter, one Instagram user humorously warned, "All fun and games until she tricks you to go in and locks u up."

Here's the viral clip:

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