Long-haired German Shepherd and tabby cat at home
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Terrified German Shepherd can't help his hilarious reaction to family cat (video)

By Greta Inglis Dog Behaviourist | Animal Behaviourist

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German Shepherd Coulter may be big, but this doesn't necessarily make him brave when it comes to the family cat. His hilarious reaction has people in stitches. 

Coulter is a beautiful long-haired German Shepherd, who lives with his family in Toronto. 

The three-year-old loves long walks, car journeys and even boat trips... but there's one fear he just hasn't managed to conquer. 

Suspicious side eye 

He may be more than double the size, but this means nothing when it comes to Coulter's fear of the family cat. 

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In a hilarious video posted on TikTok, the German Shepherd is shown sitting bolt upright, as the tabby cat stands calmly to the side of the camera. 

His suspicious side eye is priceless, with over 15,000 people watching the clip.

The cat boss

It turns out Coulter is not the only one terrified of the resident cat, with many owners sharing similar stories of their own. 

"My 50lb dog is terrified of my 6lb cat", shares one viewer. 

"He go after a 700lb bear no problem, but the cat... nope. No way!", wrote another, to which Coulter's owner responded, "so true". 

German Shepherds are known to be very affectionate and intelligent dogs, showing incredible loyalty to their family group. In this case size doesn't seem to matter much to Coulter, and the gentle boy is determined to respect his tabby brother's boundaries. 

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