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Dog goes missing, but it's his name that has everyone paying attention

By Greta Inglis Dog Behaviourist | Animal Behaviourist

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The internet is often an invaluable tool when it comes to spreading stories of missing dogs. In this case it may have resulted in some unexpected attention.

The internet can be a very supportive place, or a very critical one, as animal rescue organisation Tasso e.V. recently discovered.

The story of a missing Staffordshire Bull Terrier in Saxony was met with unexpected backlash, not because of the fact the dog was lost, but because of his name. 

Shock over Staffie's name 

Reports are usually met with overwhelming support, as fellow dog owners sympathise with the worry and upset of a missing pet.

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But on this particular occasion, the report caused outcry among animal lovers around the world. 

The dog's name is Goebbels, like Joseph Goebbels, who was known to be Adolf Hitler's closest confidant. 

Public outrage 

Many internet users have called for a background check of the dog's owners, with one viewer writing, "the name and breed of the dog obviously allow conclusions to be drawn about the owner's attitude". 

Tasso e.V. later shared their own comments on the case. "We publish every missing dog report, in the hope that it helps find the animal - regardless of the skin colour, religion, nationality or political view of the owners". 

The dog did not choose his own name, and making people aware of it could play an important part in helping call him over when spotted, they explained. 

Goebbels has now been reunited with his family, and the post has been removed from Facebook. 

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