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Man wins millions on the lottery, then he makes the most admirable decision

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Nobody could believe it when Paul Riley won 4 million dollars from a lottery scratchcard. But even more surprising was what he decided to do with the money.

Paul Riley, from Peabody, Massachusetts, bought a scratchcard for 10 US dollars, on the off chance he might win something back. 

Imagine his surprise when the numbers revealed he had won a whopping 4 million dollars, transforming him into a multi-millionaire overnight! 

A huge donation to animals

When Paul went to register his winnings with the Massachusetts State Lottery in January, he left everyone speechless. 

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Asked what he planned to spend the money on, the newfound millionaire revealed his plans. 

First up was a much needed new car for his wife, but once that was taken care of Riley only had one other plan for the money...

The animal lover decided to make a generous donation to the Animal Rescue League, honouring his own four-legged friend. 

All because of Raven 

Thankful to share his life with his canine companion Raven, the millionaire felt this would be the most fitting way to use the money. 

His kind-hearted gesture was met with a wave of positive reactions online. "A true animal lover", wrote one viewer, while another commented, "Be blessed for donating to our fur babies".

As Paul chose to receive his winnings as a one-time payment, he ended up with 2.6 million dollars before taxes. 

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