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Beagle is so traumatised from his past that he avoids all eye contact with people

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When Kelly’s search for a foster dog led her to Walt, she had no idea of the challenges that lay ahead as she tried to win over this frightened pup.

Kelly had spent a year and a half looking for a dog to foster. So when she met Walt, she was determined to help him.

Emotionally scarred

But it wasn’t easy. Walt was deeply emotionally scarred by previous mistreatment. The Beagle was too fearful even to meet Kelly’s gaze. It was clear that someone had seriously failed him in his life.

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While Kelly knew she had to be extremely patient with Walt, the poor, frightened pup struggled to adapt to his new home. He shied away from affection and even refused to enter his new home, sleeping outside instead. When he eventually came inside, he would just sit in the hallway, avoiding going into any rooms.

He was clearly deeply fearful and it was heartbreaking to watch. Walt would spend hours sitting motionless, just staring at the wall. Even Kelly’s gentle attempts to comfort him were met with nervousness.

Incredible transformation

But thanks to Kelly’s patience and love, Walt gradually came out of his shell. He started seeking out affection, even nudging Kelly’s hand for reassurance. Eventually, Walt revealed his playful side, playing games and bonding with Kelly and her other dog.

Over time, Walt became a completely different dog. He had gone from a dog who avoided eye contact to one who revelled in human companionship and affection.

A video shared online about Walt's remarkable journey attracted many comments from dog lovers, with some noting the incredible resilience of animals and their ability to learn to trust again.

Here's Walt's incredible journey from avoiding all contact to affection-seeking pup:

Well done, Walt (and Kelly!).

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