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Heartbroken after being abandoned by her owner, dog starts to shut down

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David was riding his motorbike along a deserted road when something in the tall grass caught his eye. He goes to look, and his heart instantly breaks.

To David’s disbelief, there lying by the side of the road is an emaciated dog looking close to death.

Tragic sight

The dog was all skin and bones and looked on the brink of giving up. With tears, David realised he was this dog’s only hope.

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But as he only had his motorbike, not a car, he had to wait for someone in a car to stop and help.

While they waited, David gave her his food and talked to her. At the sound of his comforting voice, the dog, later called Sandy, stood up and wagged her tail. She realised that this man was going to help her and everything would be ok.

Finally, a passerby stopped to take Sandy and David to the vet, and David’s partner, Valentina, joined them.

The vet believed that her owners had used Sandy for breeding and then callously dumped her when she was no longer useful. The vet discovered that she was severely dehydrated, underweight and had a high fever along with several open wounds.

Determined to survive

Sandy also had Leishmaniasis, a serious condition affecting weight, skin and organs. The vet recommended putting Sandy to sleep, but David and Valentina didn’t think twice about taking Sandy home and nursing her back to health. However, they knew she was very weak and feared she might die, causing them many sleepless nights.

But despite everything she’d been through, Sandy showed a strong will to live.

The couple didn’t hold back in showering Sandy with love and cuddles. It was the first time she ever felt safe and loved.

Months later, Sandy’s life transformed again when the couple welcomed a rescue puppy into their home. The companionship and care of her new sibling have helped fuel Sandy’s remarkable recovery even more, filling her days with joy and vitality.

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