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Starving and abandoned dog approaches truck driver and begs for help (video)

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A truck driver was taking a break when he found himself unexpectedly becoming a hero when a starving stray dog approached the window of his truck.

The man immediately saw the dog’s desperate condition - red skin, sparse fur, and protruding ribs and sprang into action, posting a plea for help on social media. 

Help for Artie

Remarkably, despite the dog’s plight, he was very friendly, likely relieved at finally getting the help he so desperately needed.

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Fortunately, the truck driver’s call reached Rescue One, a local animal rescue in Springfield, Missouri, who agreed to take in the dog, later named Artie.

The driver waited with the dog until the rescue staff arrived to ensure the pup got the help he needed.

Once Artie arrived at the shelter, he was soon placed in a foster home. And this was the start of his incredible transformation.

Incredible transformation

Artie’s spirit blossomed under the care of his devoted foster mum, Teri. Artie exhibited boundless joy despite his initial exhaustion, energising everyone around him. With love and care, Artie’s physical health gradually improved, and his once-sad eyes sparkled with happiness.

After six weeks of rehabilitation, Rescue One found Artie a forever home where he found love, companionship, and joy. Now, he enjoys cuddles with his new family, including his canine girlfriend Mika and cat sister Noel, sharing their adventures on social media.

A clip shared online shows Artie's journey from a desperate dog to a much-loved family friend; it's pretty remarkable to watch:

Artie’s wonderful new life is all thanks to the kindness of that truck driver taking a break from the road at just the right time.

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