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Puppy found in dire condition defies prognosis in shocking transformation

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Lana was discovered alone on a mountain in such a dire condition that the vet gave her a bleak prognosis.

Found scavenging for food, Lana was malnourished and covered in mud, barely able to walk. 

Puppy was close to death

All alone and with her mother dead, tragically, the only way the dog could survive was to eat the dead bodies of her friends. She was close to death herself when rescuers finally found her.

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An absolutely heartbreaking video shared online shows Lana able to stand on her feet, falling over each time she tried to take a step. Although appearing uncertain, she let one of the rescuers pick her up and carry her to their vehicle.

While the odds looked bleak for the little dog, Lana's rescuers were determined to do everything they could to help her. They provided Lana with much-needed nourishment and medical attention, but her condition worsened, leading to convulsions and a coma. 

They continued caring for her, using different methods to regulate her temperature and keep her comfortable. But the vets warned her carers that they didn't expect Lana to survive.

Brave and resilient dog defies the odds

However, against all odds, Lana's health began to improve after weeks of dedicated care. She eventually regained strength and could walk, run, and play like any healthy pup.

While the video started heartbreakingly, it ends with footage of Lana as she is today. 

This resilient pup is now an active and healthy adult dog who loves life with her forever family, where she enjoys a life filled with love, playdates, walks, and naps. A world away from her bleak beginnings and prognosis!

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