Dog frozen during playtime

Dogs suddenly freeze like statues; everyone is gobsmacked to discover why (video)

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Dog owner Ale Miranda was left stunned when she spotted her two rescue dogs seemingly turn into statues while playing. 

At first, she just looked at Serling and Mia, inseparable since their adoption, stunned, unsure what to make of it.

Game of statues

Ale first observed this peculiar behaviour while at home. Caught off guard, she watched as Serling and Mia stood motionless in the hallway, as if time had paused.

However, after a brief interval, they resumed their playful antics, chasing each other with renewed energy.

Ale quickly realised that her canine companions and came up with a rather unique game of freezing in place for minutes before suddenly moving again.

Harmless playtime game

With some of their “freezes” stretching to nine minutes, Ale consulted with her vet to check that it wasn’t anything she should worry about.

@alemirrranda 🧐🧐ALGUIEN EXPLIQUEMEEE COMO SE PUSIERON DE ACUERDO PARA JUGAR ESTO????? #fyp #dogsoftiktok #perros ♬ sonido original - Ale Miranda

Reassured that it was merely a playful game, Miranda has now embraced it as a usual part of the dogs’ playtime. While it may resemble confrontation-like behaviour, it’s actually all in good fun for the canine companions and a reflection of their special bond.

@alemirrranda Pt 2 de el juego entre perros mas loco del mundoooo #fyp #perros ♬ Dance You Outta My Head - Cat Janice
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