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Little girl wraps dog in blanket: She never expected his reaction

By Greta Inglis Dog Behaviourist | Animal Behaviourist

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This little girl and her dog Jack love spending time together. But how will he react when she covers him with a blanket from head to paw? 

In an increasingly hectic world, moments of tenderness can feel particularly precious. Especially when they involve the bond between children and their four-legged friends. 

A magical moment between a little girl and her dog was shared by The Pet Collective on Facebook. With over 28 million views, it has melted hearts around the world. 

The gentle giant

Affectionate and loyal, dogs are known as man's best friend for a reason. 

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Adorable Jack certainly takes his job seriously, patiently entertaining his human sister's antics. So much so, he doesn't even bat an eyelid as she wraps him in a blanket. 

Remaining calm throughout, even the little girl seems surprised her devoted companion is so tolerant of her game. She kisses and hugs the gentle giant, as if to thank him for playing along. 

A precious bond

The video, which was first shared in 2021, has received 500,000 likes and hundreds of comments. Many viewers were both fascinated and amused by the bond between the child and the big white dog. 

"What a sweet dog. He is being so gentle with his little person", a viewer observed, while another commented, "we mere humans cannot hope to have the patience of these furry angels". 

Viewers also cautioned the importance of carefully monitoring interactions between dogs and children, writing, "someone should teach this little girl that the dog's patience doesn't mean that he is a toy to play with... loving dogs also means respect". 

In the case of Jack and his friend, there is clearly a magical connection between the two, and he seems happy to have the attention. 

We urge Wamiz readers to always be cautious when letting a pet play with a child. No matter how sweet pets can be, they may sometimes feel uncomfortable with a child's rough play and children can’t always pick up on that. Better safe than sorry, always supervise interactions between a child and an animal!

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