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This pug seems to have understood that his friend is not coming back

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Dog’s reaction to first night without best friend breaks everyone’s hearts (video)

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The internet is in tears over a heartbreaking video capturing a little Pug's reaction as he faces his first night without his beloved canine companion, Dudley.

The friendship between Alfie the Pug and Dudley the Golden Retriever spanned their entire lives but sadly ended when 15-year-old Dudley passed away last year.

First night without Dudley

Hannah, their owner, returned home without Dudley, leaving Alfie heartbroken.

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In the video, Alfie sits still and stares at the ground, appearing lost, as if realising his best friend won't return. He may also sense the sadness and grief his owners are feeling.

Hannah captured the heartbreaking scene, which has been viewed by nearly 4 million people, bringing viewers to tears. Many people commented to share their experiences of losing a pet and the impact on their other animals.

Pet loss is heartbreaking for everyone

It's easy to forget that the loss of a pet is not just devastating for us owners but also other animals in the household. Alfie's reaction is a stark reminder of the depth of animal emotions and the challenges they face in understanding loss.

While Alfie may struggle to comprehend Dudley's absence, it's hoped that, with time, the resilient nature of animals will help him adjust to his new reality.

RIP Dudley

@hannahgrattonn Life is so unfair. I wish my dogs didnt have to leave me🐾🪽 #childhooddog #petloss #dogloss #greif ♬ Moonee - El
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