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Labrador's sock-eating escapades landed his owners with a hefty bill.

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Family faces £15k vet bill after dog eats something everyone has in their home

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A Glasgow family is grappling with a huge £15,200 vet bill after their beloved black Labrador, Manu, ingested a sock, leading to emergency surgery. 

Kevin Davidson found himself in the middle of a Christmas Day nightmare when the adorable Labrador fell seriously ill after devouring one of Kevin's socks.

Emergency surgery

Kevin rushed Manu to the vet, who performed emergency surgery to remove a substantial portion of Manu's small intestine and the sock he had consumed. 

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Despite the successful operation, the extensive post-op care, including a week in intensive care, pushed the vet bill far beyond their insurance coverage, exceeding the maximum payout by £11,200.

Manu is now recuperating at home on a strict diet and bed rest, posing a challenge for the energetic Labrador. 

Enormous vet bill

Kevin has now launched a GoFundMe campaign to cover the enormous veterinary costs. The family is seeking financial assistance and aims to raise awareness about the complexities of pet insurance and the exorbitant expenses associated with veterinary procedures. 

Currently, the GoFundMe has amassed £4,178 in donations, inching towards its £10,000 target. While he's immensely grateful for the amazing response, Kevin hopes to turn the fundraising campaign into a platform for broader awareness about the complexities of pet insurance and the substantial costs of veterinary care.

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