Grandmother's birthday party table with dogs

Grandmother turns 89 and celebrates her birthday with her 10 beloved dogs (video)

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A grandmother in Brazil celebrated her 89th birthday with heartwarming flair and surrounded by her canine pack.

Maria lives with her daughter, her daughter's family, and a joyful pack of ten (yes, ten) dogs who actively participate in all aspects of the family's lives.

Special birthday party

The dogs and the rest of the family simply adore Maria, and together, they all decide to throw Maria a birthday party she'll never forget.

Each dog is seated at the table alongside Maria and has their very own pink plate. They wait patiently for the birthday feast as Maria's family sings Happy Birthday to the visibly emotional grandmother.

Heartwarming video

Maria's daughter, Vitoria Abencoada, captured the heartwarming event on video and shared it online, quickly attracting almost 203,000 likes. The video showcases a jubilant older woman marking her 89th year and a joyous gathering of two-legged and four-legged loved ones.

Grandma Maria's enduring love for animals has enriched her life, and in turn, the affectionate gesture from her furry companions made her birthday even more special. With lots of love in the room and delicious treats for humans and pups alike, the celebration highlighted the wonderful bond between Maria and her canine family members.

Happy Birthday, Maria!

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