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Owner doesn't know why her dog is losing weight; vets make a remarkable discovery

By Greta Inglis Dog Behaviourist | Animal Behaviourist

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When Weimaraner Harlow began losing weight dramatically, her devoted owners were worried for her life. 

Harlow had always been a happy, bouncy Weimaraner, until one day her owners noticed she seemed to be losing weight. 

It didn't matter how much they fed her, their beloved pet was deteriorating before their eyes. And neither the vet team or her family could work out why... 

A walking skeleton

Poor Harlow was losing weight very quickly. Her owners could see her ribcage, her vertebrae and even the bones in her legs, to the point she resembled a walking skeleton. 

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Despite her physical condition, the dog's zest for life remained unchanged. But with blood tests showing nothing alarming, it seemed her case would be impossible to solve.

Difficult decisions

Feeling totally helpless and noticing how weak their beloved pet had become, Harlow's family had to make a heartbreaking decision. 

They booked an appointment with their vet and put together a bucket list for their four-legged friend, planning all the things she loved to do. 

And then, just as they thought they had run out of options, a call came through from the vet team working on their case. 

Remarkable discoveries

Dr. Amy Lam had decided to look deeper into dietary intolerances, and she had come up with a surprising suggestion for Harlow's family. 

She suspected the dog might be allergic to animal protein, which while incredibly rare, is possible for a small number of dogs. Harlow's owner immediately brought home a vegetarian kibble, and she couldn't believe her eyes when she saw her pet's reaction. 

Instead of refusing the food as she normally did, she ate the entire bowl within minutes! 

Thanks to her devoted family and the incredible vet team, Harlow is now a picture of health and happiness once more. 

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