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Great Dane’s morning ritual with neighbour wins everyone’s heart (video)

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An adorable Great Dane named Designer has charmed the internet with her unique approach to greeting her favourite neighbour. 

A TikTok user posted a humorous clip showcasing Designer’s refusal to make the first move in their daily interaction. 

Morning ritual

Despite enthusiastically wagging her tail and gesturing with her paw, the Great Dane opted to stay put in her own driveway, waiting for her neighbour to come to her.

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In the video, the dog owner shared, “Designer didn’t feel like walking across the street, so she begged him to come over and give her paw!” 

Designer’s neighbour, complying with her request, headed over to the dog to engage in their daily handshake ritual.

Presents paw to neighbour

According to the TikTok caption, Designer consistently presents her paw to the man as part of their morning routine, like this:

Viewers found the dog’s behaviour endearing, with many jokingly supporting her decision to wait for the man rather than going to him. Commenters playfully remarked, “She said I don’t chase, I attract,” and another added, “Make him come to you, I know that’s right; don’t go to no man.” 

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