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Elvis was the only animal not adopted at event.

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All shelter animals are adopted except one dog, but then he becomes a media star

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A recent adoption event in Chicago found 61 animals forever homes, but not all the animals were so lucky. A dog called Elvis was the only one left behind.

The Anti-Cruelty Society shelter’s “Fall in Love” annual adoption event provides a fantastic opportunity for shelter animals to find families to adopt them.

Left behind

This year’s event saw 61 animals adopted in a matter of hours. However, sadly, a lovely three-year-old dog called Elvis didn’t seem to win anyone’s heart.

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Despite numerous families showing interest during the event, Elvis remained unadopted and was the only dog left in the kennel. Disheartened by the lack of interest in the dog but determined to help, the shelter staff decided to share Elvis’ story.

Happy ending

While the shelter hoped to generate some interest, they were stunned at what happened next. 

A staggering 76 media outlets nationwide caught wind of Elvis’s plight, suddenly turning Elvis into a canine celebrity. Fortunately, this meant that Elvis wouldn’t be lonely for much longer.

A few days after the adoption event, a family stepped forward to provide the love and care he deserved. But there’s a plot twist that no one could have expected. The new owner wasn’t just any family; they were former Elvis impersonators, making it a perfect match.

Congratulations, Elvis!

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