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Dachshund discovers snow for first time; his reaction amazes everyone (video)

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This sausage dog's priceless reaction to encountering snow for the very first time has captivated more than 10.9 million viewers.

Meet Bebel, a loveable Daschund who recently moved from Brazil to Canada with her family. 

Brazil to Canada 

One of the biggest changes the family, especially Bebel, encountered after relocating to Canada was the climate, with freezing temperatures and a blanket of snow greeting them in early November. Having only experienced Brazil's mild weather, Bebel's reaction to the snow was precious. 

A heartwarming TikTok video captures Bebel's sheer delight as she frolics in the garden, joyfully leaping through the snow. The video quickly got the attention of the internet, captivating 10.9 million people who couldn't help but express their sentiments. 

Heartwarming clip 

Comments poured in about the clip, with one observer noting, "It's the most calming thing to watch!" Another shared, "Playing in the snow filled her with joy; she is delighted." The innocence captured in the scene was celebrated by others, with one person remarking, "Innocence is the most beautiful thing." Bebel's snow discovery is a true delight to witness. 

Here's the adorable clip:

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As she adapts to her new Canadian environment, it's clear that she'll have a splendid time enjoying the winters filled with snow.

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