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Terrified shelter dog doesn't want people to look at her: Then a miracle happens

By Greta Inglis Dog Behaviourist | Animal Behaviourist

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When Clementine was found on a busy street in California, she was in terrible condition. Emaciated and ill, she was due to be euthanised at the shelter.

Life had obviously been very hard for poor Clementine, who was rescued as a stray and taken to the local shelter. 

With various signs of illness, the staff knew an adoption was very unlikely. But with euthanasia on the cards, they decided to try their best to find her a home. 

A twist of fate

They published her photo on the shelter website, desperately hoping somebody would choose her. 

Weeks went by without anyone showing interest, and everyone involved in Clementine's care started to lose hope. 

Then, just before she was due to be euthanised, Chelsea Elizabeth Cossairt got in touch. 

She had seen the little brown dog's appeal, and despite her numerous health issues, was sure she could offer her the perfect home. 

A transformation

The first months that Chelsea and Clementine spent together were far from easy. 

Clementine was absolutely petrified. So much so, she spent weeks hiding under the furniture trembling. She didn't want anybody to look at her, and would sit facing the wall for hours on end. 

Fortunately, Chelsea quickly found that she loved other dogs, and her two confident furry sisters Moose and Maple began reassuring her that people weren't so bad after all. 

Now this beautiful girl is totally transformed. Gone is the emaciated, scared dog that first arrived, and in her place is a happy, affectionate and much loved companion.

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