Grey and white Pit Bull mix
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Pitbull begs for help through glass door: Nobody knew they were hiding a secret

By Greta Inglis Dog Behaviourist | Animal Behaviourist

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The day started out much like any other for Barbara Dowtin. But when she went into the Dollar General store in Virginia, everything changed. 

The heartbreaking image of the grey and white Pitbull caught Barbara completely off guard.

Politely sitting outside, the poor pup was simply staring through the glass door, hoping for some human kindness. 

Injured and alone, this was obviously a stray in desperate need of help. 

A special soul

Barbara immediately shared a picture of the dog, alerting animal control and local rescue groups to the situation. 

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Arriving at the scene, the rescue team quickly discovered the Pitbull mix was not in fact a boy. She was a female dog, with a very special secret...

It turned out that Izzy, as she was later named, had recently given birth to a litter of puppies. 

They were tiny and very hungry, much like their mother. 

Thankfully, the little family were soon on their way to Amelia Animal Shelter, where they were treated, fed and showered with love and attention. 

New beginnings

In spite of everything she had endured, Izzy was the sweetest girl from day one.

Her trust in people saved her babies, and shelter staff had no doubt that she would make the perfect pet. 

It wasn't long before the right family came along, and Izzy now has a loving, forever home of her own. 

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