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Rottweiler left in freezing temperatures for three days breaks everyone’s hearts

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Coco, a sweet senior Rottweiler, endured a harrowing ordeal that no dog should ever face. 

When the pipes at her former owner’s home froze, they made the heart-wrenching decision to leave the property and 10-year-old Coco too.

Abandoned in the cold

The poor dog was left to fend for herself outside on a cold concrete pad. She was tethered by a short chain, exposed to the elements, and deprived of life’s basic necessities, including food and water. A confused Coco was forced to endure three long, freezing nights all alone.

Thankfully, her plight ended when the Neptune Township Police Department were alerted to her terrible situation and promptly alerted the Animal Control Division. Their immediate response led to Coco’s rescue.

Coco found huge comfort at the shelter, receiving warmth, nourishment, and a comfortable resting place. Subsequent bloodwork revealed the Rottweiler had kidney stones and a genetic eye condition, likely stemming from irresponsible breeding. The shelter shared the dog’s story on Facebook, including heart-wrenching photos of a dejected-looking Coco.

Hope for Coco

But despite her traumatic experience, Coco’s gentle, loyal, and loving nature has endeared her to the shelter’s staff and volunteers, and she’s quickly become a firm favourite. 

Meanwhile, Coco’s former owners now face two animal cruelty charges: Cruel Restraint and Failure to Provide Necessary Care.

In a heartwarming update, the shelter’s Facebook post shared the joyous news of Coco’s adoption, marking a fresh start for this brave dog.

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