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Cat starts sneezing blood; what vet discovers leaves owner speechless

By Zoë Monk Content Writer

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After Ginge began sneezing blood and experiencing laboured breathing, the vet made a shocking discovery that every owner should learn from. 

The health of a ginger cat in Nottingham, appropriately named Ginge, took a sudden downturn with frequent sneezing and coughing that produced blood.

Beloved feline companion

Laura Mellors adopted the now six-year-old Ginge when he began visiting her garden as a stray. When Laura was diagnosed with breast cancer during the pandemic and had to leave her job, Ginge was by her side. 

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So when his health suddenly deteriorated, Laura was devastated, describing the situation as "very scary". Laura rushed him to the local pet hospital, where the vet team swiftly discovered the source of the problem. A colossal 10cm blade of grass found its way up the cat's nasal passage.

Shocking discovery

Laura was astounded as the 10cm piece of grass emerged from the cat's little nostril, relieved that her feline companion would soon return to his usual self. Ginge, described as a relaxed and easygoing cat, had been known to graze on bits of grass, a habit that had unforeseen consequences.

Laura is incredibly grateful to the dedicated vets who helped Ginge, allowing him to resume his leisurely garden strolls and sun-soaked lounging. However, the incident reminds Laura and fellow cat owners to be more vigilant about their cats' garden activities.

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