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Owner recreates 20-year-old photo with his cat before saying goodbye

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While dealing with the heartbreak of losing a pet is the downside of being a pet owner, one man found a unique way to pay tribute to his 20-year-old cat.

A heartfelt tribute to a much-loved feline friend has touched hearts online after a man shared a poignant recreation of a 20-year-old photo with his childhood cat Gandalf before saying goodbye.

Photo tribute

The emotional post features a side-by-side comparison of the original photo of the man as a nine-year-old wearing an orange shirt and a recent photo of the man, two decades on, again in an orange shirt. In both images, he is cradling the fluffy cat.

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In the accompanying caption, the man reveals he’s preparing for Gandalf to be put to sleep and wants to recreate the cherished memory as a final tribute to his feline friend.

The touching photo prompted an outpouring of support from the pet-loving community on Reddit, with many people sharing their own experiences of losing a pet. Meanwhile, others admired the late cat’s name and shared references to Gandalf from The Lord of the Rings, including, “I will not say: do not weep; for not all tears are an evil”.

Goodbye Gandalf 

The man responded to the comments about Gandalf’s name by explaining that he originally had a brother named Mordor. However, sadly, Mordor passed away at just three years old from cancer. But he added, “Gannie has lived enough for them both now.”

Many fellow pet-loving Redditors took the opportunity to share their own struggles with dealing with sick pets and the profound impact their four-legged friends have had on their lives. Some even admitted to talking to their pets, even after they’ve gone.

While he has to face the heartbreaking reality of a future without his precious Gandalf, at least this photo tribute is something he can cherish forever.

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