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Unusual baby animal is rejected by mum, but shelter staff find ideal solution

By Justine Seraphin Country Manager

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A mother’s love knows no bounds, whether you’re talking about humans or even…cats, as this story clearly shows!

Back in March 2022, a Sphynx kitten named Cleopatra came into the care of the Helen Woodward Animal Center.

In need of love

The poor kitten had been completely rejected by her mother and her siblings had all passed away. She was alone in the world and in desperate need of some TLC. And then, a stroke of luck.

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Just days after Cleo arrived at the shelter, a mother cat named Ballerina came into the shelter with her three newborn kittens. As Cleo was approximately the same age as Ballerina’s kittens, shelter staff decided to introduce the little hairless kitten to the domestic short-haired mother.

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A unique family

And lo and behold - the introduction went perfectly well! It’s almost as though Ballerina could sense that Cleo needed looking after. She immediately took the little kitten under her wing and cared for her as if she were her own. 

Now, the kittens are all grown up and ready for their forever homes. In fact, applications for Cleo’s adoption closed just today - so she’ll be in her new home very shortly. We wish her the very best on her journey of life!

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