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Abandoned box found in an empty field: Strange sounds reveal a dark secret (video)

By Greta Inglis Dog Behaviourist | Animal Behaviourist

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Two sisters were driving along a quiet road in San Benito, Texas, when an unusual object caught their attention on the side of the road...

The object in question was a cat carrier, completely abandoned in a deserted field. 

Cautiously approaching, the sisters could hear strange sounds coming from inside. 

All alone

Peering in, they found a litter of tiny kittens, who had clearly been cruelly abandoned. Under the heat of the Texan sun, and with nobody to be seen for miles, there's no way the kittens would have survived for much longer alone. 

The sisters immediately posted the video to Facebook, calling in the help of cat rescuer Janet Murdock. 

While they waited for Janet to arrive, the sisters found the kittens' mother, frantically pacing in the field nearby. The poor cat couldn't work out where she was, or why she had been separated from her babies. 

Thankfully, Janet knew exactly what to do. And with the little family reunited, she began the hour-long drive to get them to safety. 

Happily reunited

Once home, Janet arranged all the necessary veterinary care, eventually naming the kittens Faith, Leanne, Tanya and George. 

Thanks to the quick work of the two sisters who found them, and caring people like Janet, this furry family now has a second chance at happiness, surrounded by the warmth and love of their very own families. 

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