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Cat comes home with note on its collar; his owner is in for a big surprise

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When your cat goes outside, do you know where they go and what they get up to? One cat owner was left stunned when she discovered her feline friend was hiding a secret.

Pixi is a lovely little grey cat who lives in Mexico with his owner, Mary Lore Barra. Well, that’s where the story gets complicated.

The secret life of Pixi

Pixi was only a kitten when, one day, he appeared at Mary’s house around two years ago. As Mary loves animals, she was happy to take the cat in and give him a loving home.

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As Pixi got older, he developed a taste for adventure. The feisty feline loves to explore his neighbourhood and then pop back home for cuddles and food. However, Mary soon discovered that exploring wasn’t the only thing Pixi had been up to.

It all came to light when Pixi came home one day after one of his usual outdoor adventures. Mary noticed that the cat was wearing a collar she had never seen before. She knew she hadn’t put it on the cat, but that wasn’t the only unusual thing about Pixi. He was also looking more plump.

Mary began to wonder whether someone else had been feeding her cat. So she decided to find out.

She wrote a note under Pixi’s collar. It read: "My name is Pixi the cat. I think he has two houses haha."

It wasn’t long before Pixi headed out again for his usual adventures. Little did the sneaky kitty know that his secret would soon be revealed. The next time he came home, Mary spotted that her note had been replaced by a different one.

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Double life

"Here he is called Huarache," the note said. "It appears that he does have two houses haha. Greetings!"

Pixi or Huarache had been caught out.

The cheeky feline had been leading a double life, which meant he had two homes, two food bowls, and two owners who gave him strokes and cuddles.

Mary couldn’t believe it, "I told him, 'I know your secret,'" she said.

But Mary wasn’t too upset about it and is very happy to share her cat’s affections with someone else. She wrote another note to the cat’s ‘other’ owner, introducing herself and letting them know that the cat was up-to-date with all his vet visits in case they were planning to take him soon.

Pixi doesn’t seem phased by the fact that the cat is out of the bag and everyone knows his secret.

"Pixi is very lucky. Some cats don't even have a home [let alone two]," Mary said. "I know they're good people because they take care of him."

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