Plastic box in woods
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Walker discovers plastic box in the middle of woods and spots a cat shape inside

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When walkers come across a plastic box near a popular hiking trail, they instinctively know something is very wrong.

What would have happened if the walkers hadn't found the box when they did is too unbearable to think about.

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Plastic box

The walkers found the plastic box in the middle of a wood in West Warwick, near Boston in the US. As they open the box and look inside, they initially see some cloths. Then they spot a black shape.

To their utter amazement, inside the box was a black cat. The cat had been left inside the box with just a few small holes for air and a small bag of food. The poor black cat wore a collar but nothing to identify her owner.

Callous owner

It appeared that whoever had abandoned her left the plastic box near the popular hiking trail for her to be found. But they could have had no way of knowing how long it would take someone to discover the box and what was inside. Fortunately, it wasn't a hot day. Otherwise, it's likely the cat wouldn't have survived.

But that's not the end of this cat's shocking story. It was soon discovered that she was also pregnant, which may have been why she had been dumped.

The cat is now in the care of a local animal shelter while investigations are underway into who dumped her.

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