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WATCH: Jealous cat is not happy when owner pays more attention to new arrival

This cat was not impressed by the new arrival cat-wow
© MerielMyers - Twitter

A hilarious video shows the moment when a pet cat came face to face with a younger and fluffier rival for its owner's affections! And it's fair to say he was not impressed!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 09/11/2019, 20:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:38

The short clip shows a grey cat looking on as its owner plays with the newest member of the family, a tiny kitten!

A furry love triangle

The jealous mog looks up at his human as if to say, "Hey, what the hell's going on? You do realise I'm still here!"

But when he doesn't get an appropriate response from his (former) favourite person, the disgruntled cat shoots a few dirty looks at his younger, fluffier, and maybe even cuter rival.

The clip has over 3million views on social media, and thousands of kitty lovers have posted their reactions to the furry love triangle. One person wrote: 

"The look of utter betrayal."

Another person suggested the big cat has some nefarious plans in store for its tiny rival. They posted: 

"Grey cat calculating how they're gonna make it look like the orange cat ran away!"

Jealousy is a relatively complex emotion, but many animal behaviourists believe it's one that cats experience. To start with, cats are territorial, which means they have a strong sense of what belongs to them and what doesn't.

A jealous cat may display aggressive behaviours towards anything it sees as an obstacle to your affection. Alternatively, they can become over clingy, invading your personal space at inappropriate times.

How to cope with a jealous kitty

They may also start acting out to grab your attention, including some toilet 'accidents' around the house and destructive behaviour.

Experts advise paying more attention to your cat or socialising it to accept that there's another fluffy guy or girl in your life.

Let's hope that works on this grey cat, and quickly! Otherwise, we might start fearing for the kitten's safety!