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Owners start chatting while dogs play together and soon make startling discovery

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Two puppies from the same litter enjoyed a random reunion after their pooch parents took them for a run at the same beach!

Noel McCluskey was walking his dog Smudge along Fenit Beach, County Kerry, Ireland, on Christmas Morning when the Springer Spaniel suddenly became very excited. Sweet Smudge had spotted another Springer bouncing along the beach.

A familiar scent

But this wasn't just any other Springer. Instead, it turned out to be Smudge's long-lost sister, Bestie!

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Noel discovered the surprising news after striking up a conversation with Bestie's owners while their dogs got to know each other, i.e., giving each other a good sniff in some delicate places! Not all dog habits are 'cute!' Or at least not to humans!

Both owners couldn't believe how similar the two dogs looked. Then they discovered that Smudge and Bestie were the same age.

Then things got really weird. Bestie's parents said their dog came from a breeder in Cavan, over 200 miles away.

Noel was in shock; that's where he got Smudge from. 

The owners then checked their phones for pictures of the dogs' parents that the breeder had sent. They were the same dogs, meaning Smudge and Bestie were definitely sisters.  Noel shared the story on X and some cute pics of Smudge and Bestie having a great time.

Let's do this again!

"Xmas Miracle on Kerry beach today. 2 dogs randomly started playing with each other. Owners noticing similarities, start chatting & find they were born 06/01/22 in Cavan and sold to separate Dublin families. Same parent pics on phones! Reunited at Fenit Xmas swim. #Actualtwins," reads Noel's post.

Bestie and Smudge's owner exchanged contact details and are planning to make this unexpected family reunion a regular event. 

Noel and Smudge went for a walk. Noel came back with another friend, and Smudge sniffed out her sister. Christmas miracles are real!

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