Woman smashing bathroom tiles

Woman begins demolishing bath after hearing unusual sounds below (video)

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She'd just had the bathroom tiled, but when she heard strange sounds coming from under the bath, she knew what she had to do.

Ana Medina is not only a cat owner but also dedicates much of her time to rescuing and helping cats in her neighbourhood. 

Unusual noises in bathroom

Just before 2 am, she began hearing strange noises from her bathroom. A few days before, workers had removed the shower tray and replaced it with a new bath with tiling underneath.

Ana went into the bathroom, but there was nothing in there. However, she could still hear the noise, which she quickly realised was coming from the tiled area under the bath.

The woman froze as she realised what was likely to be making that sound. Without a second thought, Ana found a hammer and immediately started smashing the brand-new tiles under the bath.

Sure enough, as she made a large hole in the tiles, she saw two eyes looking back at her. Somehow, her cat Monchis had got itself stuck under the bath before it was tiled. Monchis is a timid ginger and white rescue cat who often hides from strangers who come to the house. It likely felt nervous with the workers around, so it took refuge in the space under the bath, unbeknown to the tilers.

Safe and sound

Who knows what would have happened to the cat if Ana hadn't heard the noise and freed the cat? It may have eventually run out of oxygen in that small, confined space.

Fortunately, Monchis survived his ordeal unscathed and earned many cuddles from his family. Once she'd recovered from the shock, Ana took to social media to share what had happened. People couldn't help commenting on what Ana was wearing as she desperately tried to free her feline friend. Ana was wearing a denim jumpsuit with the words, "I hope you find what you were looking for," written on the back.

Ana has since posted a couple of photos of Monchis to show that the cat has recovered well with no lasting effects.

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