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Owners receives heartbreaking call after dropping dog off at pet hotel

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A couple who left their dog at a pet hotel received a call a few days later informing them the animal was dead. It died from head injuries sustained in an attack by another dog.

The couple from Poznan, Poland, had used the same dog hotel several times. It's where they boarded their 14-year-old Chihuahua whenever it was time for a human-only holiday.

Worse news ever

The family-run dog hotel had an excellent reputation. So when the couple handed over their fur baby, there was no reason to think they'd never see it alive again. 

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The Chihuahua's dog-mum shared the moment when she received the devastating news:

“A few days ago, we left our dog, Ewerest, in a dog hotel near Poznan. Today, on September 4, we received a call that the dog had been bitten by another dog and then bled to death."

She said the hotel owner took the dog's body to a vet without permission and didn't inform the couple until the next day. The couple believes this was an attempt to cover up a lack of due diligence.

They're convinced the hotel owner didn't pay enough attention to the dogs under her care and should never have allowed a Chihuahua anywhere near a much larger dog with aggression issues

It's time for some answers

After the couple collected their pet's body, they took it to a vet for an autopsy. According to the report, the tiny Chihuahua died from 'cranial trauma, leading to bleeding and damage to parts of the cerebellum and brain, causing immediate death.'

"Ewerest died due to an attack by a much larger dog," said the owners. "There was no question of aggressive behaviour; the autopsy confirmed it."

Several local news sources reached out to the hotel owner. So far, she's released no information or comment. The couple is taking legal advice before deciding what to do next. They want answers. And they deserve them.

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