Dad hits baby's seat as cat watches closely
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Father pretends to hit child; his cat's reaction leaves everyone in awe (video)

By Justine Seraphin Country Manager

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We’ve seen enough stories about it to know that animals can be very protective of their human families, young or old! And here's another example.

Any father would be reassured in knowing they have a family pet that is willing to protect his child at all costs. That’s why this father decided to put his cat to the test.

It was all an act

In the video, you can see the father in question pretending to hit his child. In reality, he is only tapping the side of the baby seat and speaking loudly. The baby is in no pain – but the kitty doesn’t know that!

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Not hesitating for a single second, the black cat launches at the father, claws out. And when the father pushes him away, he leaps again. And again, and again! This cat won’t give up on his little owner; he will do anything in his power to keep him safe, even if it means putting himself in ‘danger’.

The biggest gesture of love

This heroic act shows just how much this brave little kitty loves his new human brother. He is prepared to go up against a much bigger adversary to defend him!

This goes to show, as a recent study has in fact proved, that cats love their owners just as much as dogs do. Sorry, dog people, today, it’s the kitty heroes who are in the spotlight!

Check out the incredible video below:

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